Friday, 19 February 2016

Marudhar Arts Application

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Monday, 1 February 2016

Marudhar Arts - Rare & Antique Jewelry & Gold Coin e-Auctions

Marudhar Arts Rare Antique Collections, Rare Ancient Coins...

Marudhar Arts Printed Auction #16 and #17 is Live

Marudhar Arts Printed Auction #16 and #17 is Live and Open for Online Bidding Now!! At:

Marudhar Arts Floor Auction of #16 and #17 will be held on 26th and 27th February respectively at NNE 7 - National Numismatic Exhibition 7, 2016...India's Largest Numismatic Fair and Expo.

Some of the rare specimens of coinages that shall be manifested to the public during the auctions and the exhibitions are mentioned below:

  • Gold Coin of Samudragupta (335 – 370 AD)Gold Dinar , King and Queen type issued in the memory of  his parents Chandragupta I and Kumaradevi.
  • Gold Coin of Samudragupta (335 – 370 AD)Gold Dinar, King Nimbate standing to the left holding a wheel headed standard in his left hand. 
  • Gold Coin of Chandragupta II – “ Vikramaditya”. 
  • Gold Coin of Chandragupta II – “Vikramaditya”. The coins depict the king riding the horse to left , holding bow and sword tied to the waist.
  • Gold Coin of Chandragupta II – Gold Dinar Lion Slayer Type – Coin Depicting the king standing right wearing short tucked dhoti holding bow in left hand and right hand is shown as having released the bowstring. 
  • Silver Square Rupee from the Urdu Mint , Kalima Type – Kalima Shahada in four petalled flattened floral pattern with the names of four khalifas name in four angles.
  • Gold Square Mohur , Patna Mint Kalima type , Kalma Shahada around four khalifas.
  • Silver Rupee of Jahangir. 
  • Gold Coin of Shah Jahan from Surat Mint Weight of the coin. 
  • Gold Coin of Shah Jan II Akbarabad.