Monday, 21 December 2015

Marudhar Arts Presents The Most Prestigious Event... NNE 7 - National Numismatic Exhibition 7, 2016

Every year Marudhar Arts conducts an annual extravaganza of coinages (NNE 7 - National Numismatic Exhibition 7, 2016) during the last week of February, where they allow dealers to network with the general public fraternity by establishing a universal platform allowing the procurers to view these cherished and opulent treasures of the legacy.

22 Dec, 2015... Bangalore, INDIA – Marudhar Arts ( is one of India’s largest numismatic and auction house. Pretty impressive for a company born in 1966, based in Bangalore – The IT Hub of the city, it specializes in Vintage Indian coins from the erstwhile dynasties that have ruled, British India coins, World Coins, Western art, vintage comic books /comic art, jewellery, watches, rare books/manuscripts, War memorabilia and much more.

Marudhar Arts is the first company In South India to be bestowed with Antique License No 1 by the Prestigious Archaeological Survey of India. This was only the beginning for the series of achievements that followed.

As everyone always needed a platform, a universal dais where they could interact with people, let all dealers interact with each other on a stage where they can unearth the treasures of the past and ponder over them. More than a fiscal proposition, Marudhar Arts as one of the most revered auction houses in the country feel that it is high time that the changes pre conceived notion that past and history can be a very mundane subject.

Marudhar Arts has conducted Six National Numismatic Exhibitions till now most of them in Bangalore, where their head office is registered... Mr. Rajendra Maru, CEO of Marudhar Arts and the author of South Asian Coins and Paper Money which is the best encyclopaedia of coins and notes of India says “each time we have met with stupendous and overwhelming response, Each time the reaction has transcended and surpassed the last exhibition which makes us believe that the grander and better the fair, the more people shall throng the venue.”

NNE 7 - National Numismatic Exhibition 7, 2016 is conducted at The Bell Hotel, Bangalore, India... A Three Star Property where other dealers have stalls and kiosks put up for the perusal of the general public and the entry being free is the icing on the cake. It is our endeavour to make the next event a bigger success than the preceding one.


Marudhar Arts have always had Renowned and Famous personalities who have graced the occasion with their presence. Eminent Dignitaries including Mr. Jon Lingen (Chairman of the Oriental Numismatic Society, London and Mr. Rezwan Razack (Chairman of the Prestige group) were present to inaugurate the Exhibition. Marudhar Arts have planned to invite more Significant personalities who can endorse and illuminate the general fraternity the importance of numismatics thereby promoting it.

It is an endeavour to bolster and publicize the interest of the public towards coinages because of the strong feeling that there is no better way to study the past than history and one can do so by scrutinizing various commodities of the past and that is where we step in...To give you an unbiased view of genuine antique merchandise with true legacies and origins and help you procure them at unmatched prices with the assurance of Marudhar Arts.

It has always been more than a monetary proposition to conduct this exhibition and it is not obligatory for a visitor to procure something from the numerous stalls. The Real reason behind this colossal exhibition is that they want the public to have a look at these treasures of the yore and apprise themselves at how our ancestors dealt.

There are a myriad of things one can learn when one places a coin/artefact in ones palm/hands. The texture, the manuscript, the vintage, the mint, the condition...These are endless characteristics of a coin...It’s just have to induce people and invite them to glance at the coins.

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Marudhar Arts
114,1st Floor, 120, Pamadi Chambers, D. V. G. Road, Basavangudi (Gandhi Bazar)
Bangalore 560 004

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