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Historical & Commemorative Medal

Marudhar Arts
           Marudhar Arts

Welcome to describing the collection of Historical and Commemorative Medals.  We have been collecting medals for more than forty years now, where my father,Mr Prem Ratan Maru, introduced me to this interesting field. For this I am greatly indebted and gratified to him.

My choice of pieces to collect was governed by what I considered to be their artistic value and secondarily, but importantly, by their historical significance.  Accordingly, you will find in this collection  medals from a number of countries and several artistic and historic periods, ranging from the 16th through the 19th centuries.  This diversity  made decisions concerning the organization and presentation of the medals particularly difficult. 

For I wished to present the collection both from an artistic perspective, where the pieces would be listed by artistic style and medallist, and from an historical prospective, where medals of similar topics or historical events would be shown together.  This proved to be an impossible task.  Therefore, We as a numismatic conglomerate decided on  not totally satisfying the compromise of  presenting the collection by the country in which the medallist primarily worked, rather than by  the medal's topic, with subcategories arranged in as chronological an order as feasible, either by medallist or by historical event. 

For each country or medallist there are thumbnails showing the medals in the collection.  From this site high resolution images and a brief description of the medals may be reached.  I have also included a short biographical sketch of the medallists of each country.  The  object of the descriptions was to try, insofar as I was able,  to put the medal into an historical context.  To expand on the historical context of the medal, to relevant  web sites have been provided. 

 In many cases, these  historical commentaries are still incomplete and should be considered as 'a work in progress'.  In some cases I have also included paintings and other works of art relevant to the medal entries by way of LINKS to web sites devoted to art, including those of some of the great art museums.  This was an attempt  not only to increase the interest of the site but also to put the Art of the Medal into the general context of Art.

The descriptions and explanations of the medals have been taken from standard reference sources and from information found in texts and various discourses and catalogues on medals cited in the BIBLIOGRAPHY.  I have also borrowed heavily from other web sites,  particularly from an excellent compendium on World History by renowned connoisseurs and authors on the subject matter.  To the authors of these works I am deeply indebted.

The biographical sketches cited for the medallists in this web site were excerpted largely from Forrer's comprehensive Biographical Dictionary of Medallists. The descriptions and interpretations of the reverses of the medals that relate to English history were taken in large measure from Edward Hawkins' classic two volume book, Medallic Illustrations of the History of Great Britain and Ireland to the Death of George II, often verbatim, and from Medallic History of England printed by Wilson and Co. in 1802.

I am gratefully indebted to Krause Publications along with whom the South Asian Coinage Books was published in the year 2013 in which a detailed elucidation on different types of medallions and commemorative tokens of appreciation has been discussed in elaboration.

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