Friday, 16 February 2018

Humayun Silver Tanka Coin of Fathabad type

Babur, Humayun and Akbar (during the first three years of the reign) issued silver ‘Shah Rukhi’, which were introduced by the Timur ruler Shah Rukh in early 15th cen.A.D. Humayun had also issued the Sharukhis following the similar concept but had also issued some heavier silver coins, which may be identified as ‘Rupee’. 

Humayun concerned about the growing strength of the Afghans in Bihar and parts of Bengal under Sher Khan Suri marched eastwards and captured Chunar, occupied Lakhnauti and stayed in Bengal for nine months. He issued silver coins of two different standards the lighter Tanka standard and the heavier Rupee standard.

Humayun, Mint off flan, Silver Tanka, Fathabad type, Obv: kalima shahada with allahu yurzaq main yasha’a ba ghair hisab within circle and four khalifas name with radi allahu an hum at margin, Rev: sultan ul azam khaqan al mukarram, khuld allahu mulkahu wa sultanahu, mint name in margin, in circle muhammad humayun ghazi, 10.5g, 23.93mm, (Variant of G&G # B956), about very fine, Very Rare. 

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