Saturday, 24 February 2018

Jahangir Silver One Rupee Coin of Agra Mint of Farwardin Month.

Mirza Nur-ud-din Beig Mohammad Khan Salim, known by his imperial name Jahangir (31 August 1569 – 28 October 1627), was the fourth Mughal Emperor who ruled from 1605 until his death in 1627. Much romance has gathered around his name (in Persian, Jahangir means 'conqueror of the world', 'world-conqueror' or 'world-seizer'; Jahan = world, gir the root of the Persian verb gereftan, gireftan = to seize, to grab), and the tale of his relationship with the Mughal courtesan, Anarkali, has been widely adapted into the literatureart and cinema of India.

Jahangir, Agra Mint, Silver Rupee, AH 1023/9 RY, Month Farwardin, Obv: noor ud din jahangir shah akbar shah, Rev: zarb agra on top, elahi month farwardin and hijri 1023 with regnal year 9 at bottom, 11.28g, 23.21mm, (Unlisted in KM, Liddle # S-45), choice very fine, with floral & beaded border designs on bothsides, Very Rare.

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