Saturday, 17 February 2018

Republic India Error Nickel Brass 1 Naya Pasia Coins

Coins of the Indian rupee were first minted in 1950. New coins have been produced annually since then and they make up a valuable aspect of the Indian currency system. Today, circulating coins exist in denominations of 50 p (i.e. 50 paisa or ₹0.50), ₹1, ₹2, ₹5, and ₹10. All of these are produced by four mints located across India 

After Indian independence, British Indian coins were in use as a frozen currency until India became a republic in 1950. The first rupee coins of the Republic of India were minted in 1950. These included 1/2 rupee, 1/4 rupee, 2 anna, 1 anna, 1/2 anna & 1 pice coins, and are referred to as the anna series or pre-decimal coinage. Under the anna series, one rupee was divided into 16 annas or 64 pice, with each anna equal to 4 pice.

Republic India, Nickel Brass, 1 Naya Pasia, 1963, Error: complete and full lakhi brockage, 1.4g, 16.07mm, UNC, Extremely Rare

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