Monday, 19 February 2018

Patna Mint Copper One Pice Coin of Bengal Presidency.

The Patna assay master produced copper coins as a trial in 1794. He may have used existing rupee dies. In 1794 AD Mr. Blake the assay master at Patna wrote to the mint master at Calcutta discussing the shortage of copper coins and informing him that he had consequently struck some copper coins as a trial which was not accepted by the Calcutta mint master and he replied instructing Blake not to strike copper coins and warning him that he would get into trouble if he continued. In the June 1794 further correspondence was made by Blake in the letter to the mint master at Calcutta givning explanations that it was just a trial run. But as the mint master predicted the Calcutta council were not at all happy with these copper coins struck by Blake without the authorization. 

The Board entirely disapproved the conduct of Mr. Blake in coining this pice without previous application or authority and directed the Mint Master that “any pice should remain unissued by the Assay Master at Patna, that they be witheld from circulation”.

Bengal Presidency, Patna Mint, Name Murshidabad, Copper Pice, 19 RY, “Couplet Type”, Edge: Oblique Milling, In the name Shah Alam II, Obv: “saya-e-fazle elah” couplet, Rev: sana julus zarb at bottom, 7.4g, 25.28mm, (Paul Stevens # 5.37), choice very fine, Extremely Rare. 

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