Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Kashmir Sultanate Gold coin of Muhammad Shah.

Muhammad Shah's coins bear fixed dates from former reigns, so any allocation to particular reigns, has to be done by die analysis. From this, it appears that most of the silver coins known so far were struck from the third reign onwards. Of the gold coins, one shares the obverse die used by Hasan Shah, and must have been struck during Muhammad's first reign, while the others were probably struck during the 4th or 5th reigns. Copper coins were probably struck in all five reigns. 

Kashmir Sultanate, Muhammad Shah (5th Reign AH 937-943/1530-1537 AD), Gold Dinar, Obv: kalima shahada within circle, hijri date in arabic words at margin, Rev: al sultan al-a’zam muhammad shah, mint name at bottom, 11.12g, 17.12mm, (G&G # K41), about very fine, Extremely Rare

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