Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Shahjahanabad Dar ul Khilafa Mint Silver One Rupee Coin of Bengal Presidency

Bengal Presidency, Shahjahanabad Dar-ul-Khilafa Mint, Silver Rupee, AH 1220/ 47 RY, In the name of Shah Alam II, “za tayid elah” couplet, Obv: sikka zad sahib-i-qirani ta yid-e-elah, hami dine mohammad, shah alam badshah, within wreath of roses clockwise, thistles and shamrocks, Rev: zarb dar al-khilafa shahjahanabad, sana julus maimanat manus, zarb on top with royal umbrella and jasmine lower in the center, surrounded by a wreath of roses anti-clockwise, thistles and shamrocks, 10.94g, 25.68mm, (Paul Stevens # 8.31), choice very fine, Very Rare. 

The floral designs on the wreath of the obverse on this specimen does not match with any of the combinations of Stevens study. The floral border in obverse running clockwise direction whereas in reverse it is anti-clockwise direction. 

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