Friday, 9 February 2018

Extremely Rare Gold Dinar Coin of Samudragupta of Gupta Dynasty of Battle axe type.

Gupta Dynasty, Samudragupta (335-370AD), Gold Dinar, "Battle Axe" Type, Obv: king standing facing left, wearing a close-fitted cap, tailed coat and trousers, there is a dagger hanging on his left side, the king holds a Battle Axe (Parashu) in left hand, right hand resting on waist, dwarf attendant (Vamana) at left, facing right and holding crescent-topped standard, brahmi legend below the left hand of the king"Samudra" and partly visible circular legend reads "Kritantaparshurjaya (tyajita rajjetajitah"), Rev:goddess lakshmi enthroned facing on a throne, feets of goddess are resting on lotus, holding diadem in her right hand and cornucopia in left, tamgha to left, complete brahmi legend "Kritantaparashu"(Battle axe),7.72g, 20.50mm, Unlisted type (Variant of Altekar, Bayana Hoard # Pl. V-6-14), choice extremely fine+, Extremely Rare.

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